Thursday, 18 November 2010


The purpose of this blog is to document all of the experimentation work that I do towards the Portfolio unit. It will show all of my trials and errors and everything that I've done to develop my skills. I originally decided that I would use this unit to learn the valuable skills of rigging, but within our group we found 3 weak areas which were lighting, rigging and uv mapping, and being the only one in the group with any knowledge of uv mapping and the texturing process I changed my specialism for this unit to UV mapping so that Karl could focus on learning rigging and karen on Lighting. The main problem I have when it comes to creating uv maps is with organic objects and characters, I find them very difficult to do so the majority of my work is going to be practicing with these types of models, however I am fairly capable of unwrapping unorganic objects such as boxes, buildings, furniture and other man made objects, but I still need the extra practice to reinforce my overall skill and become more efficient and capable with this process.

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