Friday, 24 December 2010

Texture Tests

Karl gave me some of the objects that he had modelled so I could practice texturing on them. For this I was mainly trying out different methods of texturing and seeing which styles work the best for the objects I was working on. I first started by working a teddy bear which will be a background prop in our scene.

This image shows nothing more than a flat colour applied to the bear, if we decide to go with a more stylised look for our animation then a flat colour like this may work the best. This was easily done by changing the colour of the lambert material assigned to the object.

This is a fur texture applied to the lambert layer, rather than fully UV map the whole bear I quickly applied it just to see the general look it has. I think for a background prop the amount of detail on the bear is acceptable and doesn't need to be anymore complicated than that, however some parts of the texture are too dark so if we were to use this then I would have to edit the texture in photoshop properly and make sure the bear is UV mapped so it will wrap around the model correctly.

The image above shows how I used the fur texture as a bump map on the bear. This didn't provide the outcome I was hoping for instead making it look like the bear is made of a rough material or something like concrete. 

I thought that the sack texture which I used on the sphere in my last bump map test might work well but even that doesn't look quite right as you can see above. 

I decided to try using the fur attributes already in Maya to see how they work with the object. I instantly came across a problem which was that for the body the fur doesn't seem to attach to the geometry but almost looks like its coming from within the body. At first I thought it was a problem to do with the type of fur that I had selected to use but I had the same result with other fur types as well.

I tried shortening the fur which worked really well for the arms, legs and head but still the body would not have the fur applied to it for some reason. I figured the best way to apply the fur would be to have the arms, legs, head and body as separate pieces of geometry and then apply the fur individually like that.

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  1. Try making the scale 0.500 or even 0.250, then make the Fur longer. It might give you a better result.